The Woman on Clean India mission.... - March 22, 2019

The Woman on Clean India mission Visits NCS Kochi

Sangeetha Sreedhar , the woman on clean India Mission, Visited NCS kochi on 22 March 2019.Madam Sangeetha Sreedhar , a Coimbatore resident began a solo journey from India Gate in New Delhi with the objective of sharing the message of Clean India to all remote villages of the Nation. She covered around 44,500km and 300 cities.

It was indeed a proud moment for NCS, Kochi to welcome her to the campus and to listen to the words of this eminent personality. Madam shared her experiences with the students and staff members and imparted a vision of Clean India in the young minds. Inspired by Gandhiji’s vision of a clean India and her father’s fervent wish to see her contribute to her homeland, UAE expat, Sangeetha Sridhar had made it her one-point mission to embark on a solo drive across 150 cities of India. But, it was not just another ‘Explore India’ drive.

Sangeetha had charted out a Clean India Trail, conducted a first-hand experiential audit of toilet and sanitation facilities, the condition of national roads and highways and the safety quotient for solo woman travellers, during the course of her six-month-long journey. “Clean India Trail is an NRI’s dream to see India the Gandhian way, emulating Gandhian values of minimalism, self-reliance, vegetarianism, cleanliness and yoga” said Sangeetha, who is clearly in awe of Mahatma Gandhi and all that he stands for Students of NCS Kochi had an open interaction with our Guest of the day and responded vibrantly to the questions. Madam joined for a high tea with our Principal Dr.Nellie Paul Verghese and our Vice Principals Mrs.Elsie Babu and Mrs.Ajeena A P and with all other staff members of NCS Kochi in the Multipurpose Hall.