FDP for TGTs - May 30, 2019


A teacher today, needs to get out of the comfort zone, shine alight and empower the new generation to teach itself and to go further and faster than any generation ever has. True to this maxim, the Navy Education Society has been conducting periodic workshops for its faculty to empower them to be erudite scholars who would ignite the thirst for knowledge and learning in the young minds.

The Centre for Faculty Development was the venue for the three day TGT Workshop from 28 May to 30 May 2019. With eminent resource persons from across the state spearheading the sessions, the forum discussed such diverse topics as Novelty in Teaching Methodology, New techniques for enhanced and active learning and Class room management, Working with distressed students, Adolescent children and their challenges and Inner Alignment. The sessions were highly educational and informative and empowered the delegates to be better educators and individuals.