EXPLO-FESTO-2018 - October 12, 2018

EXPLO FESTO 2018:A Creative Extravaganza

Explo Festo 2018 gathered the collective imagination of NCS(K).The grand exhibition organised by  various departments on October 10 and 11 brought out the hidden talents of students and provided room for students and teachers to synergies experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel.

In Etudes Sociales Extravaganza, the social science department brought the cultural varieties of India into a Single Room

Reino D Colorado,the art expo showcased a colourful kingdom that contained striking collection of creative paintings on canvas.

Embers of Papyrus, the English expo held a mirror to the history of literature.The depiction of the classics of Literature enthralled the parents and visitors. Original works by the young writers of NCS captured great attention.

Amardeep Hindi Expo mesmerised the viewers with a variety of displays dotted with several sections that encompassed both literary and grammatical elements of the National Language.

Science expo was brimming with creativity as it  provided hands on experience to various experiments and the hidden secrets and wizardry behind Science.It helped to kindle the scientific temper of Students to a great extent.

Sanskrit expo depicted the peculiarites and prominence of the ancient language.Maths expo included games and puzzles to test mental ability and numerical ability. Sports department shared some vital informations regarding sports and games.