DNE VISIT - February 15, 2018


Education is one of the most evolving endeavours of humanity. As the thought processes of man keeps progressing, education too undergoes transformations. Educational institutions being the temples of learning and education, witness multitudes of changes as time go by.
A regular and systematic monitoring of the activities that takes place in the school over a period of time helps to improve the quality and elevate the standards and performance levels.

NCS Kochi was visited by Captain R K Sharma, Director of Naval Education, Navy Education Society as part of the annual monitoring of academics and administration. Capt Sharma visited the junior wing of the school, the various labs, and library and observed the academic proceedings of the school. Captain P J Singh, Director, NCS Kochi and Dr. Nellie Paul Verghese, Principal accompanied him.

Aiming to raise its performance to the optimal, the day was indeed a time to review the workings of NCS over the academic year and analysis the quality of education that is being imparted in the school. The visit was indeed a felicitous opportunity for the school to elevate
itself to greater standards and measure up to the ethics and values envisioned by the Naval Education Society.