Childrens' Day - November 14, 2018

A portrayal of Love and Affection on Children's Day

Children's Day was a portrayal of love and affection of teachers for their students at Navy Children School, Kochi.Celebrating the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, teachers putforth fabulous performance for the students during special assembly conducted by the teachers.

A prayer song sung by teachers marked the beginning of the event.News update was done in an enchanting and interesting manner by Ms.Sudha and Ms.Veena. A prayer dance by Ms.Ashwathy spread an aura of divinity.Senior faculty of NCS sang a mellifluous Melody pouring their love for the young ones. A group of vibrant teachers unleashed the stage with a scintillating Flash Mob.Rendering of Dance Drama that conveyed a powerful message was tear compelling and heart touching.

Addressing the students,Vice principal Ms.Elsie Babu gave the Children's day message stressing the need to be alert and vigilant against the evils and ill practices that prevail in the society. Students were provided with sweets in their respective classrooms after the assembly.