Swatchata Hi Seva by NCC - December 15, 2018

Volunteers Of NCS Kochi clean Venduruthy Bridge

Showing respect to the civic sense,the volunteers of NCS Kochi shouldered responsibility of cleaning Venduruthy Bridge  to make it less prone to accidents.On 22 December the NCC volunteers of NCS kochi under the guidance of Sports department performed the exemplary activity with pride.

The particular stretch of the road had become filled with fine gravel and shrubs making it risky for road users as the vehicles were prone to skidding.The students took it as a challenge and removed all dirt from the sides of the road and left it perfect and Safe for the travellers.

Dr.Nellie Paul Verghese ,Principal NCS kochi visited the bridge and appreciated children for their outstanding efforts as they give a new hope to the society and mankind.