Christmas Fete-Merry Christmas - December 21, 2018

Christmas Fete- A Celebration of Unity at NCS Kochi

The birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated in a pious and passionate manner at NCS Kochi by the students of grade VII.With their charmming Carols and Skit ,we were transported to the  ancient Bethlehem where Christ was born .A play that displayed the nativity of Christ was the highlight of the day A student disguised as Santa spread vibes of joy through his graceful performance.

Dr.Nellie Paul Verghese,Principal NCS Kochi addressed the assembly and conveyed her wishes to NCS family.The celebration was impactful in terms of spreading the message of unity.Despite  individual differences, a feeling of oneness and belongingness to one another is  maintained in all celebrations and festivities at NCS Kochi.Christmas celebration was no exception to it as it spreads the message of Universal love and brotherhood.