Navy Children School, Kochi, which was started in 1986, functions under the auspices of the Naval Education Society , New Delhi. The school is administered by the Managing Committee with the Chief of Staff, Southern Naval Command as the Chairman.


Sl.No. Name Designation
01 Chief of Staff, SNC Chairman
02 Command Education Officer, SNC Vice-Chairman
03 Cmde Anil Jose Joseph VSM PTA President
04 Sr. Staff Officer CEdO, SNC Director
05 Ms Deepika Gopalakrishna(NWWA Jagriti) Educationist
06 Cmde Arvind Nagar CWO, SNC
07 Capt P E Prasad EXO-Venduruthy
08 Dr Nellie Paul verghese Principal
09 Mr M K Rajappan Principal KV-I
10 Ms sunitha S Principal, Bhavans
11 Lizamma Daniel Principal, KV-II
12 Mr R K Garg Chief Engineer
13 Lt Col Vinay Patel GE(N/W)
14 Shri Panaram IDSE GE(N/S)
15 Shri B L Meena GE(N/W)
16 Ms Elsie Babu Vice Principal-Scholastic
17 Ms Ajeena A P Vice Principal-Co-Scholastic
18 Ms Padmaja Premnath Headmistress
19 Ms Priya Jude TGT
20 Ms Philomina Thomas PRT